MSG is GSM Backwards

Super light garnet, not perfectly clear.  We’re talking: light down in Pinot territory!  Big, beautiful fruit nose, dark and stewed, canned preserves, peaches in syrup, smoke and tar and wet hay spiking to a brilliant mint accompanying clean alcohol and cream-cheese frosting.  It has some of the burnt aspects of El Dorado County, but the viscosity tells makes me guess something down in the very low 14’s.

I can’t remember what I said about this wine the last time it crossed my table, but I hope it was good things, because I REALLY am liking this wine.  Naturally I love the thin visual on it; something like that tells you SOOOOO many things.  Equally appealing is the straight-forward nature of the nose, brilliantly fruity, but clean, focused, and flat-out delectable.  Let’s drink this stuff!

In the mouth, FAR denser and more concentrated than looking at the glass would tell you.  Deep and dark, but fruit shimmering brightly, acid bursting all around.  The fruit takes several twists and turns around the orchard, pausing heavily on wet bark and deep humus floor.  When it finally starts to recede, clean, perfect, thin fruit-punch directness is slowly trespassed upon by mellow tannins, but a high bitter note bounces around–sapling and green underbrush bringing a perfect balance to absolutely luscious rich fruit.

I have a pretty firm policy about animals on wine-labels, but I have to make a serious exception here.  God, I love these Withers.

2014 THE WITHERS ‘Ruben’ GSM 6/12/82 El Dorado County, California 13.9

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