Dark ruby and staining out to fairly garnet edges.  Beautiful rich nose, ridiculously ripe and cram-packed with decadent fruit.  Big thick tree-trunks of smoke, nougat and creamed corn frame Dr. Pepper cherry and barky petrichor lush and amazing.

This thing screams Paso Robles.  An unmistakable nuance of extraction and dessert-quality mark this thing for Paso, but an edge of clean acid and crème fraîche brighten and heighten this bottle into and area of enjoyment quite un-restrained by one area’s typicities.  The label says to drink it with tacos.  I think they’re selling themselves short.  This is an elegant, serious Meritage.  It’s a fun label through-and through, with some of the best material saved for the back label.

In the mouth, clear and focused, the Merlot doing its proper sultry dance on all the Cabernet heathens.  Sweet and perfectly powerful on entry, beautiful fruit displayed coyly, quickly blossoming across the palate.  A curl of polished tannin slowly unpeels itself from the finish and meets you head-on in the middle of your fruit enjoyment.  This is a fun, fun wine clocking in at mid 13’s and bringing everything you want in an everyday red to the table.

2012 OBVIOUS WINES ‘#1 Dark & Bold’ Cab/Merlot 51/49 Paso Robles California 13.6


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