Zinfandel Dubbed In

Nice light ruby, glowing brightly right out to a thin clear edge.  Muddy, meaty perfume, peaty and dank, rich with chocolate/peanut-butter fruit, lavender and coriander.  A brash eucalyptus mint runs on a core of ground multi-vitamins and broken roots dripping sap.  A bit smoky, and everywhere the dusky floral introduces the ripe fruit.

Really enjoying working through this vertical of Zinfandels from Trinity County in the FAR Nor-Cal.  Their restraint is probably the most impressive thing.  Light and transparent, (relatively) low alcohol for CA Zinfandel, and nowhere is anything pruney visible, just a bit of baby fat here and there to reassure everyone it is indeed Zin in the glass.

Shrill hi-note fruit hits the mouth, playing around with orange-peel minerality and a beautiful perfect Jolly Rancher cherry, clean and magnificent.  Wow, this MAY just be my favorite Carini Zinfandel to date.  The focus is outstanding, the balance effortless, green lovely tannins creeping in a the end doing the seemingly impossible job of brightening this wine up even MORE than it already is!  Fresh-faced and beautiful, playful and light everywhere it needs to be and *just* dense enough where it needs to be, it never gets bogged down in SOOOO many of the ills which plague the vast majority of California Zinfandel.

I can’t recommend these wines enough.  ESPECIALLY if you–like myself–have become a bit *dis-enfranchised* by some of the popular interpretations of this variety.  You won’t believe what these people are doing with Zinfandel.

2014 CARINI WINES Zinfandel ‘Dubakella’ Trinity County California 14.9


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