I Seen The Pope At Costco

Light thin ruby with miniscule clear edges.  A little funk mash arrives early, breathing out to pure Welch’s Concord grape. Substantial brassy vegetal solid and sure and more barnyard swells significantly. Decanted it pretty hard, and if you stop swirling, pretty pretty floral and delicate fruit rise out of the glass–a fresh swirl brings us back to barnyard.

Always wondered about these wines.  No, I am not a Costco shopper and am not going to become one.  I do not own a membership and have only been inside one a few times, but I try hard not to have any political discussions on this blog, so am going to shut up. I did not buy this wine NOR is Costco providing me samples (I’ve never asked).  Still, been very curious about these. I have somewhat assumed they taste head-and-shoulders above the various Bev-Mo house labels (which I have had a few of) and somewhere on par with Trader Joe’s self-stickers–of which I have experimented with far too many.  So far I am surprised by several things. There’s no Braille on the label.  The color is LIGHT (this is not something ignorant American wine shoppers find reflective of quality) and the nose is packed with barnyard (again, DISASTER to lowest-common-denominator wine-shopper).

Cola-fruit overwhelms the mouth from the first Dr. Pepper blast through the sarsaparilla finish.  Nice solid bomb of rock and tapenade rule the middle out to where zitrusy zest prepares the finish of entirely manageable tannins. The whole mouthfeel capitalizes on smooth and seems to seems to visibly take an aversion to anything even remotely edgy.

This is a solid wine.  I don’t know what it costs, but am guessing maybe 25-30 bucks? Solid, as it checks most of the boxes but never really pushes any buttons or pulls any levers.  Solid like: Doesn’t surprise or insult or stimulate.  Solid like: very easy and friendly to drink and I am not going to complain.  I *think*, for the same amount of money you could reel in something from Kermit Lynch or Cameron Hughes which would be FAR more “interesting”. But there’s nothing clinically *wrong* with this wine.

Its only fault is boredom.

2015 KIRKLAND SIGNATURE ‘Cuvee de Nalys’ Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rhone France 14.5


One thought on “I Seen The Pope At Costco

  1. I just joined up on your blog, my first, and enjoy your sarcastic review. I was a member at Costco too, but don’t care to store enough food for a lifetime since the kids are all grown up and gone. I do frequent with my daughter when we need the basics and during the Holidays it’s a well stocked Wine and Liquor Wherehouse. I frequent TJ’s and love to explore my options, I think they should offer free tastings with cheese and crackers starting at 5-6 pm and I imagine their sales would explode.

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