Stardate: 2.16.2018

Clear ruby, no edge. Diesel and dust, gear lube and hot rocks, garden hose and mud boots, all the funky barnyard and dirty baby diaper you can handle and an extra dose for the stalwart believers, wrapped seamlessly around Sweet Tarts and Starburst.

If you drink 99% of California wine, just keep scrolling. If you are a fan of ANYTHING from Paso Robles, most of Napa and Sonoma syrah, almost all of Santa Barbara Syrah and 75% of North Coast syrah, just click away now. You will HATE this wine. I promise. I haven’t even TASTED it yet and I can emphatically promise you will hate it. This is a lean, mean, life-blood machine, green and stemmy, vibrant and alive, minimally manipulated for scores, produced the way Syrah SHOULD be: in a fashion far more equitable with Pinot.

In the mouth, plummy fruit, austere blueberry, match head and plastic wrap sing this focused song through green shavings of frost-covered needles. Beautifully thin and vibrant–nothing to pick out of your teeth here. Smokey olive and crazy terroir morphing directly into sheer tannin.

This is a ridiculously good wine, boys and girls, and wines of this profile–while they will always be unpopular with the #wineoclock crowd–are growing in popularity with the new generation of wine drinkers, and THANK DOG! A beautiful vision of where California Syrah can go, and if you are a fan of Gamay, Burgundy, the Loire, Cote-Rotie or one of numerous Sonoma Coast or Eldorado projects which shall go nameless, FIND yourself some of this stuff. No, you can’t put it on your pancakes, but you can pour it all over your girlfriend and lick it off.

2016 IRENE Syrah Rodnick Farm Chalone Monterey County California 12.0

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