Extremely pale straw.  As with every Asolo Prosecco I have opened, a ridiculous amount of bubbles. Creamy spice and grass and obvious terroir fill the nose, riding high on the classical Champagne and California notions of buttery, yeasty fresh bread but taking things in an obvious cellar-floor and vaguely sweet direction.  Brilliantly crisp, sharp and bright, spritz on 11, all the mousse carries elegant melon and apple fruit into a finish tinged with a PERFECT dosage.  Do NOT roll your eyes at Prosecco until you have had these Asolo DOCG beauties.

I have purposely tasted all of these without looking at the dosage before-hand, forming my opinion without one-dimensional psychological influence of a sugar-number on a page.  See, when I drink CA sparklers or Champagne, I know the sugar.  I can rattle off the dosages of the entire Korbel or Mumm or Chandon lineups–from memory and research and experience.  But these are a new toy! If you recall the last one turned out to be 2.5 and NEVER triggered my sweet-tooth–everything was balanced and nice.  This is DOUBLE the sugar I would normally put my threshold at in California Bubbles.  So what’s this one? 10g/!!!  And it’s AMAZING!

The difference clearly is: I have tasted cheap, sugared-up Prosecco my whole life and here we have high-quality wine, well-integrated sweetness, balanced and structured from an over-all rigorous wine-making approach highlighting single-vineyards, terroir, and careful fruit preservation in a style Prosecco intended.

NV GIUSTI Prosecco Superiore Brut DOCG Glera Asolo Veneto Italy 11.5



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