Natural Italian

Milky pale straw. Slow-moving but non-stop bubbles. Great big grassy nose, flush with creamy pear and mango braised in butter. A rich vegetal bordering more on Mac & Cheese than haricot vert.

I could barely WAIT to get my hands on this one. Never have I experienced a methode Prosecco–basically a pet-nat–but in Italian, I learned ‘Col Fondo’. Secondary fermentation occurs IN THE BOTTLE and is never disgorged, nor is there a dosage added. Yes, natural, my favorite dosage. Almost a day of skin-contact is utelized on the completely natural, organic and bio-dynamic 100% Glera grape.

In the mouth, a beautiful full rich melon–crenshaw and honeydew–explodes with tropical lychee and kiwi playing along. Omnipresent acid, perfectly balanced on the cream and butter, turn the sweet cream & fruit theme to a citrus tincture.

I love wines like this. There is so much potential for weirdness and off-putting nuances and they just NAILED IT completely and totally into near-perfection. If ths is available in your market, I highly recommend it.

NV CASE PAOLIN Glera ‘Col Fondo’ Asolo Prosecco DOCG Italy 11.5

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