SLH Extravaganza


from #santaluciahighlands tasting today in #carmel from dozens of Pinots and a smattering of other varieties (HALF the grapes grown in SLH are #pinotnoir, almost half are #chardonnay and ALL the other varieties combined make up barely 10%).

#1 pinot 2014 TALBOTT VINEYARDS Sleepy Hollow NOT the mosre expensive Sleepy Hollow, just the plain regular one. It REALLY shone at this tasting.

#2 pinot 2015 CARACCIOLI CELLARS I’ve had their bubbles and LOVE THEM but never their still-wine.  Both the Pinot and Chard are fantastic.

2016 MORGAN WINERY Double-L Syrah  LOVE the Cotes du Crows (and what a bargain at 15 bucks!) and the Clone 17 is well worth the couple bucks more at around $22 but this Double-L was NAILS.  Excited to taste all the 2016’s with the new winemaker.

2016 ODONATA WINES Dry Riesling  Instant petrol, followed by beautiful tropical and citrus and DRY AS ABONE.  I’m hard on Riesling, and don’t personally care for the really austere ones and this knocked my socks off.

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