Skunky rubber-band goodness stretched taut over a framework of fading fruit. One-dimensional tannins showing their rusty flat fronts to the world. Pear-sauce and electrical fire vie for dominance over raspberry you want to eat so bad but it’s early and the birds won’t even eat them yet so you just nurse their tight bodies around in your mouth, bruising the segments to much acidic acclaim. Then you jam your nose into it again and you’re eternally grateful for owning this wine and every moment you had with it.

What is this, $30 full retail? Well-shopped EASILY down in 15-18 dolla range. This is one of those wines where you only want 4 of something but you get 40% off if you fill up that six pack so you grab two of these and bada-bing, you’re getting that $70 cab for 40 bucks and you have two of the most ridiculously perfect Santa Barbara County Pinot Noirs money can buy. Au Bon Climat will be pouring hard at WORLD OF PINOT NOIR this weekend. I might even work in an over-the-shoulder selfie with The Mind Behind.

2009 AU BON CLIMAT Pinot Noir 24% Mondeuse Santa Barbara County 13.5

3 thoughts on “ILLUMINATI

  1. ….how cool is that…there is some serious sales skills going on here…Au Bon Climat always a big number with the Obama team and their 35k a plate fundraisers….what a bargin

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