A Beautiful Tapestry

A nose running rubber band and german chocolate cake against asphalt spice and an emboldened eucalyptus. Antique store upholstery woven into finely polished wood with copper buttons, density of bouquet the only thing out-doing the impenetrable, glass-staining black ruby. Meaty and savory, soggy tiramasu and salty creme brûée in a synchronized sniffing contest with decadent pie cherry.
But you have to taste it!
Black-walnut bitter makes the fruit come alive and tells a cautionary tale of what will befall your mouth in a few moments. Ridiculous concentrations of cigarette and chocolate ply your tongue with the monetary units of cabernet sex while dusty paper and green-brier introduce tannin you had all but forgotten existed in blingy Napa reds. A WORKHORSE valley bordelais, not shooting for party-busses or bachelorette parties, but instead making this old-timer proud of all of the BV in my cellar.

2010 BEAULIEU VINEYARD ‘Tapestry’ Napa Valley 14.8


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