Mark It Ready

Beautiful transparent dark ruby.  There’s one thing you can always count on with this label: They are going to be clear and light–a stark contrast to most of the Zin offerings we have gotten used to in the past couple decades. A little peanut butter cookie on the nose with textbook Zinfandel fruit.

You know what I’m talking about when I say Zinfandel fruit, right? There’s nothing else like it on the planet–rosy and warm and candied–but what you choose to do with everything going on UNDER the fruit is what makes zinfandel interesting. The weird thing about zinfandel is that I find myself talking more about what it’s NOT that what it is, and I kinda feel bad for it in that regard. I took this thing to a party a couple weeks ago and everybody loved it so decide to give another bottle a trip around the block solo.

Vibrant structure propping everything up, but not burnt or tarry. Neither fruit nor alcohol overwhelms in the mouth. Clean and focused, maintaining cautious elegance in places other producers go haywire. Plummy and round on entry–without too much youthfulness–and a touch of heat in the finish.

A beautiful Zin–and something I have come to predict with this producer. Name a wine Markus makes that isn’t beautiful. But in the other cases, where we have him working with not-so-common varieties and producing masterpieces, here he takes “Lodi Zin” head-on and CRUSHES some of the highly-rated versions on the market. This stuff makes Juvenile taste like Charles Shaw.

2015 MARKUS WINE CO Zinfandel Lodi CA 16.5

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