Wine In 3 Courses

First up tonight crashing into this new @deuxpunx #petnat MUSCAT! It’s like honey with bubbles! Quite *cidery* at first–just strikes me as having a lot of the flavor profiles of some of the better ciders I’ve had and then there’s that unmistakable beautiful sweet flowery fruity Muscat nuance. There’s nothing like muscat! This stuff is only $25 a bottle and you needed in your life. Hell, all their wines are dirt cheap. Here’s where you buy them:
2017 DEUX PUNX Muscat Blanc Pet Nat Contra Costa County CA 12.0

Next up from the chicken coop flies this baby. I wanted something simple, I wanted something easy, I wanted something for some pasta with mizithra cheese and browned butter. So I poked around a little bit in the cellar and found a few of these. It’s not often you get to crank off a 10 year old Stelvin. The nose reeks of sex and sautéed mango in garlic and dirt. Musty to a T, possibly even a little bretty, there are few things on this planet better than cramming your nose into a 10 year old Cigare Volant. And then you taste it. Burnt butter crisp and caramelized onions on a base firmly built of fig and cherry, searingly thin while dumbfoundingly concentrated, it is literally the best blend of California and Europe that exists. Everything’s in control on this wine. Almost to the point of boredom. It’s just fucking genius.
2006 BONNY DOON VINEYARD ‘Le Cigare Volant’ GSM Santa Cruz CA 13.3

Roquefort + Sticky!!! Third wine out tonight. As loyal readers know, I never talk about food & wine pairing. Mostly because it is shallow blog-fodder and I firmly feel you just eat whatever you want with whatever wine you want and don’t over-think it. BUT! There is ONE food-wine pairing I will flaunt over and over and over again and that is GOOD late-harvest Gewurztraminer and Roquefort. This combination is absolute MAGIC and I have enjoyed it for decades. This Nacina from @tudorwines is KILLIN this Société! A combinational mouthfeel MADE IN HEAVEN! Try it.
2014 TUDOR-NACINA Gewurztraminer Icewine 30%rs Monterey Co. CA 7.5

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