Mountain Goodness

Clear garnet, clear and non-staining at the edge. Funky beautiful dirttty barnyard brilliance on a tapenade core and flat ripe cherry singing through a marzipan shrill clarity of earth and rock.

In the mouth, thin and light while serious candied fruit creates this lovely juxtaposition of old world mountain wryness against modern deliciousness. Crisp and clean diddles horse-stall funk in a stony, mineralific way so outnumbering a plentitude of domestic Grenache’s both of the omnipresent numbingly-ripe version and the clear bright thin version.

This thing sings on so many levels–almost all a nod to its funk and hard earth interpretation. If you drink chinon or brouilly, this is a MUST-TASTE in terms of both value and texture.

2015 HAUNER ‘Hiera’ Terre Siciliane Alicante/Nocera/Nero d’Avola 60/30/10 Sicily Italy 13.5

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