I Vant To Be A Rhone

Sweet still nutty funk off a clear amber glow. So ridiculously light and transparent with wide clear-yellow edges. Cellar floor and Euro barnyard combine delicately with a heady dose of ripe pear and chaparral for a round full nose high on fruit and herb and relatively lacking in mineral.  I mean… ALL wine of this quality is going to have terroir built-in to them somewhere, it’s just this one I’m trying to read something mineralific into the miniscule wet leather and I think I should just quit.  There’s no earth here.  It’s all yummy fruit, possibly even flabby.

Why isn’t more of this wine made?!? It is literally so yummy.  I think I might decant it.  Typically I decant for young, closed-in wines to breathe out acids or tannins or alcohol, but what about airing out fat yummy fruit in a thin, vibrant wine to accentuate structure?  It might work?

Licorice and anise coat the soft entry with strawberry fruit and bright plum but before you think this is all lollipop, a nice bitter crease comes in right as it is sliding down the back of your throat, coating everything in puckery vitamin C.

This is not the world’s most serious wine, but it’s fun.  It kinda bounces around between some interpretations of Carignane and some interpretations of Grenache.  Like Nebbiolo-Lite.  I don’t like comparing varieties, but this is rare enough I feel it is OK…. I always find myself drawn to the Tablas Creek single-variety bottlings.  They are somewhat rare: tasting-room only and club wines but most are available on the website to the public.

2014 TABLAS CREEK Counoise Adelaida District Paso Robles CA 12.7


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