A Full Round of Wines

If I have to cook, I need BUBBLES!! And this gorgeous DOCG Asolo is doing the job in fine fashion! Cashew milk and quince paste anchor a bright grassy nose against the onslaught of spritz about to arrive. It’s a sweetie, oh yes, it’s PROSECCO!!! But it comes packed with lemon and plum and prepared to balance all that honey with a fat helping of carbonation and acidity. Now what was I cooking again?  http://www.asolomontello.it/

Wine # 2 tonight is this sexy fumé fruit bomb brilliance that is James Sparks’ rosé. Made properly, I must add. Pinot rosé go away. Hey that rhymes. I’m a poet.   https://www.kingscarey.com/

Minty goodness roiled with tertiary shit, peach cobbler and bitter almond. Pristine and prime at almost 10 years.  https://www.simiwinery.com/

Skunky mountain fruit plays intense licorice and Chinese 5 spice against lovely fruit and peppery tannin just starting to settle down. I grabbed something easy to take to a local no-corkage restaurant and this 10yo DTC Kiler Canyon BDX blend fit the bill PERFECTLY. 60/30 cab/merlot with a dollop of PV.  http://www.sharpshill.com/

I’ve never reviewed one of my own wines on here, purposely. Back in 2007 or so while we were all still reeling from the Sideways phenomena of Pinot versus Merlot several guys suggested to me in a bar after many many drinks that I should make a Merlot! And well, I dismissed it initially, but on the long drive home from the racetrack I started thinking about it and in addition to spending almost a year studying all aspects of the grape hard, I decided to make a Merlot. I had pretty much forgotten about it until tonight, something came up and I was like, wait, didn’t I make a Merlot? And sure enough an inspection of the celler revealed 5 or so cases left of the original 25 from the barrel I made in 2009. Heavy sediment, bricking a bit, full round nose of dark fruit and considerable tertiary beauty. Spicy, peppery mouthfeel with all that amazing Los Alamos terroir blasting through. Considerable tannin still shining through the rather decadent black cherry roundness. Honestly–and I haven’t tasted this wine in over 5 years–a quite stunning right-bank showing, spicy and hard, killing it with fruit and a chalky finish for days. I love merlot, and this is possibly one of the best wines I have ever made–drinking at prime with another 5 years tops. No, it’s not for sale. But if you ask nicely…   www.soifknows.com

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