Desert Dearth

Dark deep ruby, non-staining and no edge.  The most excruciating melted plastic, electrical fire nose, edged with alcohol and bottom-drawer rotten lettuce crisper.  Crayola waxiness and a flabby non-existence of fruit makes for something difficult to hold your nose into.

This has a distinct Southwestern feel. It just EXUDES warm weather from every pore. I remember tasting wines like this in Valle de Guadalupe maybe 10 years ago–at the onset of that frontier, where wineries were springing up amidst a very undiscerning crowd of tasters with sketchy quality.  The HEAT was–and is–visible everywhere.  I love Petite Sirah, and it manifests itself in SO many ways by different producers.  This is not one of the better ones.

In the mouth, everything goes terribly awry–but in predictable fashion.  No fruit anywhere–not even pruney–straight up bitter meagerness in a watery cocktail of burnt and wood-fire tinged with scorched hair and landfill.  An absolute funeral pyre of a wine, impossible to drink or even smell.

I have been impressed with this label. My first experience with Arizona and results have been good.  The Malbec was extremely well-crafted and the Malvasia Bianca is at the top of the list to be my WHITE WINE OF THE YEAR.  It literally is THAT good.  But this is a dreadful wine and to be avoided.

2014 ARIDUS Petite Sirah Arizona 14.2

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