Very Damn Kgood

Sparkling garnet with barely any clear at the edge. Stems and seeds, tar and briar, cherry cola and coffee, dried spit and wet logs, hot sand and hot dogs. Blisteringly unforgiving in the mouth calling on you to worship the gods of Burgundy and eschew all of your fat California girlfriends. Tannin and acid and briar form a paint-removal trifecta while all that glorious fruit dances gingerly on shattered glass.

This is absolute Pinot Heaven. And I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking this is some lean 12-7 Cold Coast Wonder. But NO! this thing’s 14-ONE! so it has some serious richness and ripeness. I don’t know what VDK stands for but I’m thinking Very Distinguished fucking Kush. There are two barrels of this–that means 50 CASES boys and girls and this is the best La Pitchoune I’ve ever had in a long line of ridiculous La Pitchoune’s. I’m guessing it’s sold out already, but then again: this isn’t the kind of Pinot that 90% of the population drinks.

2014 LA PITCHOUNE Pinot Noir Van Der Camp Sonoma Mountain Sonoma 14.1

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