Black Tie White Noise

Milky garnet. Muddy and greasy in the nose with an off sort of hamburger overcooked pond water nuance. Muddy grass and alcohol. Banana peels and a flaccid sort of fruit well past its prime.

Wow how old is this? This is a 2009 and it… well, it honestly drinks like a poorly made 8YO wine. I STARTED to say it drinks like a fifteen-year-old wine but that is not accurate. You don’t get smells like this out of a well-made 15 year old wine. This reeks of small production, hand bottling, over-processing and cleanliness issues. And then you taste it.

All that banana peel and moldy blueberry finds a home on your tongue. Hollow is the first word I come up with. All the promises made by the label and the story hit the mouth: Hollow. A beautiful huge peppercorn melds quickly into obtuse citrus multivitamin making the fruit an ancient memory and when it resurfaces briefly right before the non-existent tannin, it has the definitive prune-suit on.

I’m not going to be too hard on this one because it’s definitely not only an edgy main variety but an edgy blend. Decanted, it loses some of the amateur patina but it really never recovers anything plausible.

Throughout, everything is hindered by the off-putting shell of aged unbalanced concentration and overt alcohol, a complete lack of fruit, following a decidedly flawed bouquet. But hey! It’s pretty.

2009 TURIYA Hither Petite Verdot (sic) Malbec 65/35 Paso Robles 13.6

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