Home is where the Wine is

Living here in wine country, I get a lot of homewine, made by various doctors, attorneys, real estate people etc etc and being a home winemaker myself I kind of appreciate the effort, although some of it can be DREADFUL. So tonight I’m going to hit a couple.

This one is a bit interesting because Glenrose is a famous vineyard in Paso Robles where Eberle in addition to many others source fruit from. Big tar, burnt rubber, buttered toast maybe even a little cinnamon on it. Relatively flaw-free nose. Dark green briar and mineralistic funk fairly streaming out of the bouquet. In the mouth, clean nicely fruited, a good chunk of chocolate and fleshy tropical rounds out the thick blackberry and fairly serious tannins. A very nice effort! A very very nice effort. I’d probably give this gold at the fair. 14.3

Holy shit look at the color on this one. Black black black impenetrable ruby and ridiculously staining. Big big floral kinda flabby nose with a few amateur flaws in it but nothing repulsive. No alcohol on label but I’m pinning this thing in the low 15s. Saline on the tongue, gigantic fruit really really dark and dusky with a nice vitamin C acid that meshes everything together somewhat ungainly. This thing is oxidizing right in front of my face.

Okay so in the intent of full home-wine disclosure, let’s pull one of MINE out of the cellar! Obtuse eucalyptus quite gets in the way of everything else redeeming in the nose. Sure there’s a little perfume and fruit but ridiculous eucalyptus seems to be the modus operandi for this wine. Clean and well fruited in the mouth, streamlined icy brilliance alongside packed cherry Bbackberry and briar. While many people love this wine, I see it as heavily flawed. 13.5

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