Le Roi Des Gils

Kind of interesting drinking a low-alcohol low concentration California Grenache at the same age we drink most of our Pinots. This is a Bonny Doon of course, from the genius that is Randall Grahm. 13% Cinsault & 12% Syrah, it’s not really bricking as hard as the picture makes it look and it is as bright and fresh as the day I opened my first bottle a half decade ago–pretty sure this is my last.

Big creamy roux and mirepoix nose with a delightful strawberry still dancing out of it. I don’t mean to sound surprised, but I didn’t quite expect that when I cranked the Stelvin off this thing. There’s no age to speak of in the nose OR mouth-feel of this little darling. Thin and bright and still ridonculously fruity on the tongue with fruit headed into bitter territory as what I assume are still tannins walk around in the background–but it’s a strange *lite-brite* footprint. Savory peach-pit creeps in HARD to woo you sideways and a certain sweet oak floats in late-breathe. It’s just a near-perfect wine. There’s no flaws.

2010 BONNY DOON ‘Clos de Gilroy’ GSM 75/13/12 GR/Cins/SY Central Coast California 13.1


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