Did I ever tell you about the time we headed for Scottsdale with about a hundred bucks between us and no air conditioning? It was late August and the cottonwoods were doing that sighing thing they do when the creeks are dried up and the rocks are so hot the lizards only come out at night and there’s a dead coyote in every wash. We lived on BBQ and root beer for 4 days plus some oranges we stole from an orchard under a fairly full moon. We met a girl in Flagstaff who let us crash and do laundry but I don’t think I wore a shirt the whole week. We drank her beer and smoked her weed and screwed her friends and changed the alternator in her car and she seemed pretty happy about the deal so we didn’t feel too guilty. Sweat was the only thing that made the Naugahyde bearable, and hair whipped our faces between mirages until we didn’t care. I peed on a dead rattlesnake one night. They’re even uglier than you imagine. They say meat-bees drink the venom and then sting you. We were out of ice and it was a long, straight road and the sand was dangerously close to the white line.

2011 BONNY DOON VINEYARD Old Telegram Mataro California 15.5

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