Castle Keeper

A strange, somewhat flourescent purple hue of ruby I’m not completely comfortable with, but am not going to judge–as I have seen a plethora of Pinot colors in my life and it indeed is one of the awkwardest varieties to judge on color alone. A canned vibrancy in the nose, heady with oak, sweet and washed in gobs of cinnamon and allspice, blackberry and cassis. Believe it or not, tertiary shoe leather and dusty saddle is blossoming forth, anchored firmly in tarry black molasses and Worcestershire. In the first maybe 30 seconds of bouquet I might have pegged it for Pinot Noir, but with a little air, all bets are off. Richness and ripeness is present which will surely wow the Twomey-Goldeneye-Belle Glos-En Route fans. A semblance of grassy green-ness runs in with air, but encrusted with dark cedar and spice.

Castello di Amorosa has built a loyal following on DTC alone, and–although I have never visited the castle–I hear it is nothing short of AMAZING. This wine represents their foray into Anderson Valley Pinot–an AVA I have long pledged my allegiance to. This vineyard was purchased recently from Williams-Selyem and this is Amorosa’s first vintage from it.

In the mouth, thick entry viscosity plies dark cherry against a clean wash of icy spring water and an ancient wooden ladder of acidity. Beautifully thin and bright–with a bitter streak of briar and verve–it bogs down momentarily in vanillin oak but regains its composure quickly in more clean bright Vitamin-C sweet-bitter finishing touches CLEARLY of Pinot Noir not only signature of Anderson Valley but also of a great pedigree.

If you happen to be on the allocation list for this wine, it definitely is nothing short of wondrous. Lean & Mean devotees will hate it, but if you take your Pinot luxuriously rich, ripe and lush, this is your stuff.

2016 CASTELLO DI AMOROSA Pinot Noir Morning Dew Ranch Anderson Valley Mendocino County California 13.9

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