Be My Nabor

Dark ruby with a minuscule clear edge. A bright citrus note devolves almost instantly to decadent creaminess and dessert, piles of chocolate and blackberry, dripping Gruyère and raw meat on a slab of Himalayan salt. Broken stems and graphite attempt to clog everything up in fine fashion, but the rich black cherry pie sails on, dark and unobstructed.

Is this my first 2015 Cab? I think it might be. Became curious about this project a while back and finally tracked down this Dusty Nabor character. Paso Robles fruit–from pedigreed vineyard sites–and made in Westlake Village. And while it follows a few Paso typicities for Cabernet, it steps out on its own quite nicely.

In the mouth, big fruit attack recoils instantly from green harsh brilliance calving off a giant smooth backbone of structure. India ink and canned syrup out of a tin create grating juxtaposition for the luxurious fruit. A bit of spirit towards the end, but nowhere near the burn I often find in Paso Cabs. My guess is under 14-5, shockingly. Reasonably liquid enough on the palate to encourage dissection and thorough, uncloying enjoyment, and concentrated enough to mean business. Tannins come tinged with an injection of sweet fruit, making this thing ridiculously well-drinking for such a young age.

I’m glad I tracked this wine down. As I said, definitely Paso, but strikes off down the trail in independent direction. I would recommend finding some if you can.

2015 NABOR WINES Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 14.3

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