Ber Market Blues

A disturbing staining garnet, sweaty rubber boots and teenage-boy bedroom layered over the most obese version of “steely minerality” you have ever experienced.  It offends every pore of your nose.  In the mouth, a burn more alcoholic than your ex-girlfriend pre-games the tired candy into a stew so shallow and horrid you’ll only feign a grudge when she puts them in her trunk the night she finally leaves.  The decant doesn’t help.  If anything, it sugars the fruit and bitters the entry, middle, and finish.

My reasoning for buying this was I had that ridiculously overstuffed but quite good 2010 a couple days ago and after posting about it I looked it up and it turns out it was a 90pt wine.  I also noticed in the same search the 2012 was an 88.  In my long experience with reviewers and scores I thought to myself: I don’t care for the style of that 90pt wine, and the reviewers didn’t care for the style of the 88pt wine, which means I will probably like the 88 better.  It probably has more acid and less ripeness–hence the reviewer didn’t like it.  Typically this formula works.  This time it didn’t.
This is dreadful wine.

2012 BERINGER VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.8

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