Weekend BTG Quickies

I visit a LOT more wines than what I typically post on here every day, and occasionally it seems like a bit of a shame not to share them. These are all at local wine-bars and restaurants, so are all easily available. I’m not going to get all crazy on the notes, but I am also not posting anything I wouldn’t gladly order again.

BTG or bottle in Morro Bay at STAX, this little thing is a must-order, if for no other reason than the curiosity of something like this being offered. You just so rarely see wines like this offered at restaurants around here. A straight Grenache from the South of France–and labelled that way for American consumers! The nose threw me off a bit, it had an amateurish sort of cider-y nose which I had to overlook, but inside, the wine was a nice balance of bright fresh fruit and brooding old vine character. (staxwinebar.com)

Oh how I love Gaillard! Tastes of the Valleys and WINESNEAK has been glassing this for some time and this is one of the last bottles. Awesome funk right up front makes you smile ear-to-ear, and inside a bretty little bomb lovely to drink but showing a shortage of fruit and the finish thinning down into harshness. 2011? I think? (www.pismowineshop.com)

My new favorite bar in the world is in Santa Margarita. Rosalina is the brainchild of The Range people and is billed as *Barrio Soul-food* and the entire winelist is from Spanish-speaking countries with an emphasis on value. I’ve had basically every wine on the list by the glass at one point or another and everything’s extremely well selected. These are two of my favorite bottles and watch soon as Rosalina’s full food menu fires up in a couple weeks. (rosalinasantamarg.com)

Back at STAX in Morro Bay with this BRAND NEW Rhone variety–well, brand new to California, having just recently been approved–from the Rhone stalwarts at Tablas Creek. I feel like this grape has only been used for a couple years. I have gone on record many times saying I like the single-varieties at Tablas disproportionately more than the blends they are famous for. That’s just me–I know I’m weird. This is a beautiful spicy wine NOT to be confused with Roussanne or Marsanne AT ALL. (tablascreek.com)

Pretty hard to go wrong here, enjoying the Riesling alongside all of Thomas Drahos’ culinary creations at FOREMOST WINE CO in San Luis Obispo. An absolute no-brainer on their list. (foremostslo.com)

How much fun is THIS thing? Only available in California (check out their free shipping deal at www.obviouswines.com ) and splattered ALL OVER Los Angeles and Orange counties at a bunch of restaurants, wine-bars and shops. A Paso Robles-Los Angeles collaboration with a great flavor profile and delightfully un-stuffy packaging.

OK, so this picture isn’t accurate! I was enjoying the Martian Ranch Cabernet Franc at MORRO BAY WINE SELLER but this was the only pic in my phone. This picture is from Santa Barbara Vintner’s Fest last weekend, and hard-pressed: I would have a hard time deciding between the Gamay and the CF. Martian makes stupidly good wines straight down the European profile right here in Santa Barbara. So fun to drink and so inexpensive. (www.facebook.com/wehavewine)

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