Dead Mausse

Light garnet with a big, ripe-fruity nose of fig and dark cherry. Beautiful barnyard funk of shit and curvy licorice carve savory out of chocolate dessert and not-so-elegant prune.

In the mouth, an entry so lean & mean it makes Cahors look fruity. Fruit tingles shyly beneath minerality and steel so intense it makes the senses shudder. Cool water through-and-through, a concentration of green stemminess dominates the entire feel through to the rasping finish. Hollow and relatively unbalanced–unless you’re into the battery-acid that can be Bordeaux satellites–anything resembling fruit takes a serious search behind and beneath the crisp bitter acid and grating typicity. A fish-water finish solidifies the barnyard.

I would pay 20 euros for this in a restaurant in France and probably sing its praises, but in California it takes some serious allegiance to this style of wine to merit plaudits.

2014 CHATEAU MAUSSE ME/CF/Cab Canon Fronsac Bordeaux France 13.0

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