Happy Canyon Perfection

Big minty tapenade, roiled with raspberry leaf tea and fresh chamomile nuggets over a blistering bass note of brown sugar and mud-caked boots. Heady and direct in the mouth, casting all shyness aside as it assaults your tongue with absolute DECADENCE, candy dripping all over, running down heaving sweaty bosoms, ridiculously curvy, and crammed into gear so tight you can see the pulse. Tannins polished on long slabs of cold marble appear magically from a gentle acid burn and a little stemmy note pervades all, making this a BDX blend from the happiest place on earth you DON’T wanna miss. 40/40 Cab/CF and an eye-watering 14-8 but oh man is it yummy.

2014 SECTION WINES Chieftain Lots Bordeaux Blend Cab/CF/ME/PV 40/40/10/10 Happy Canyon Santa Barbara Co. 14.8


2 thoughts on “Happy Canyon Perfection

  1. Just went to Section this past week and all of Marco’s wines are outstanding. Spent two hours in the “tasting room” with him and Alex and had a very enjoyable time. Tasted the soon-to-be-released (6-9 months?) 2016 Cab, 2016 Nebbiolo and 2016 Super Tuscan…wow! These are going to blow your soxs off!!!


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