Cain is Able

This stuff makes Togni, Dunn, and Corison look like Paso Robles. How a Napa Valley cab producer gets away with this in 2018 is beyond me, but massive props to the whole Cain house. This is easily the most anti-homogenous of them all. Gritty crushed-bug and dirty baby diaper do a wet-hay dance on lush fruit with a velvet haze of mold and sharp olive oil cracklins. Saline and bitter, the two gradually putting distance between themselves while plum and vanilla ice cream blossoms between. I’m guessing 14-3 and decanted this garnet aberration hard. All your funk and sex and passion come alive in this one–but it’s NOT for everyone. Soccer-mom and bling-bro be like WTF??? all day. It’s for me, though. I have loved this wine since inception–a GLORIOUS 2nd label (and you know how much I love second labels).

NV13 CAIN WINERY Cain Cuvee ME/cab/CF/PV 51/28/19/2 Napa Valley 14.3

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