Two Gold Stars

I love a lot of local labels and I am friends with many of their owners and this is meant in no way to short them all their due respect–and they get that, but you know how picky I am and fairly hard to impress but every once in a while a winery just keeps jumping up over and over. It might be brand new–and needing to prove itself–or it might be fairly established and needing to overcome *guilty until proven innocent*. And after so many impressions, you just can’t keep quiet about them. Today: one of each, and they bear special mention so do yourself a favor and check them out.

First of all, a brand new label, kindof a *checkbook winery*, re-vitalized vineyards, extravagant new tasting room and facilities, no-expense-spared, markets pretty hard, pours at all events, and the way I’m wired, I’m just like…. OK, whatever. But let me tell you Spear Vineyards & Winery is doing absolutely EVERYTHING right. The approach is fresh, the wines are STUNNING, and he is an all-around nice guy.

Secondly: weird name, strange location, doesn’t market super-hard, within striking distance of Paso Robles, but off-the-radar of 99.9% of wine country visitors, Stolo Family Vineyards just continues to impress over and over and over. The wines are as brilliant as the approach.

Not going to get all bogged down in tasting notes or specifics–this is not that kind of post. Loyal readers will know me well enough that gushes like this are quite out-of-the-ordinary. Just trust me. Consider this a Pro-Tip. Check these people out and tell me I’m wrong.
And yes, this post is non-sponsored.

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