Rōtta Story

Nearly impenetrable staining ruby. Big mascarpone, honey-bramble nose fairly drenched in dark chocolate drippings on wet slate. This is literally one of the biggest richest most concentrated Cab Francs in long memory. It won’t take a breath either, calving off unstoppable waves of ridiculous dark fruit.

I haven’t tasted a Rotta in almost 20 years. I visited once on a friend’s advice shortly after I moved to the Central Coast. I can still remember the experience quite graphically. There were Zinfandels and dessert wines of some sort and the two categories melded themselves into each other seamlessly with a singular thread of over-ripeness and oxidation. This particular bottle comes at a good time, as I have been hearing positive things about them the past few years and have been quite curious to experience what clearly has been a turn-around. And it is obvious.

In the mouth, the spice-bomb goes off the instant it hits your tongue, splattering nutmeg and white pepper in all directions, the rusty pail of bright pie-cherry slowly giving way to the smoky burn of massive infantile tannins.

This wine is big–there’s no doubt about it. But it is clean and driven by good things top to bottom. This is really good BDX-style CF from Paso. And there’s only 5 barrels of it, so I recommend finding some or being sad forever.

2015 ROTTA WINERY Cabernet Franc Paso Robles 14.6


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