Witchy Woman

Heavily bricking garnet with considerable sediment. Pungent sagebrush and burnt rubber promote an acridly-bretty initial which is allayed by a depth of rich sweet fruit jelly and gobs of tertiary bouquet.

Oh man how I love Valle de Guadalupe wines. But they can be a shock to American palates–even ones appreciative of severe old-country European wines. There is often a scorched earth and briar in the nose and salinity on the palate and the charm of this tag-team gradually grows on you. It’s the FRONTIER, and I highly recommend a visit to anyone seriously into wine.

In the mouth, chewy, concentrated dark fruit, Concord jelly, mincemeat. Ridiculously ripe plum and peach, full and edgily briar-ific. All that tertiary leaves a lovely polished memory the ample acid, tiny heat and eventual tannin furiously massage. Mouth-filling and wonderful, it probably drinks a bit further progressed than a 7 year-old Cabernet *should* be, but I have seen the same thing millions of times in wines from Paso Robles and Amador. This is a beautiful wine. Just drink it.

2010 LECHUZA VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon Valle de Guadalupe Baja BCN Mexico 15.0


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