Bless Me, Mary For I have Sinned

Light thin garnet. Nose of steeped multi-vitamins and bomb chemicals with an alcoholic burn vibrant and off-putting. Putrid compost and prune fruit and bad oak completely defying anything real wine should smell like. A not-vague tree-stump of nastiness impossible to keep one’s nose in.

In the mouth, raisin farts and battery acid, a tincture so revolting and bereft of fresh fruit it boggles the mind as to who could possibly drink this stone-faced. Heat and prune and overt stupidity beyond anything you previously thought Paso capable of. An absolute train-wreck of a wine ranking up in the worst echelons of worst red liquids I have experienced in my life.

2015 VINES ON THE MARYCREST Grenache Paso Robles California 15.1

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