Right On

Bitter green heat, impossibly bound up with licorice and the kind of starry night that makes insomnia worthwhile. Your mind reels: Where do I know that girl from? An uneasiness you can’t name and a face too complex to place. Night perfume–heavy with summer and parched flowers–sultry air alive with the cool spice of the ocean and morning and the dirty workers going home to their alternate afternoon of birds chirping and leaf-blowers through the blinds and you settle in to a long empty wooden bar, still glistening from the mop of someone who got up too early and left too much and drove too far to scrub off last night’s swollen egos and serve you espresso and añejo over a used newspaper.
Have I ever told you Carneros grows the best Merlot in California?

2013 KEENAN WINERY Merlot Carneros Napa Valley 14.3


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