GO Night

Smells like used motor oil and dried fish. Taste like lemon rinds slowly and gently braised in a nice Zinfandel glaze. I can see the merit in this wine and it has a man-bun.

2015 MATTHIASSON FAMILY VINEYARDS ‘Tendu’ California 11.7

Flabby in the nose, ridiculously white-trash forward and pruney with a little mineral edge. Barely discernible fruit in the mouth alongside shrill heat and crisper vegetal. I could see this possibly settling down and do something fairly pleasant in about 4 years but no further.

2016 LAMOTTE DUCAS 70/30 ME/cab [Grand Vin] Graves Bordeaux France 13.0

MERLOT Greasy and warm with mid-western fruit smeared in Ben-Gay. Obtuse berry and sugar syrup in the nose. Redeemed itself considerably in the mouth, shrill and thin and tannic with all that fruit trying to poke its head between the structural cracks. It doesn’t succeed, and this wine will never amount to shit.

2016 SEQUOIA CELLARS Merlot Santa Clara Valley Central Coast California 13.5

TOSCANA Garnet in the glass. Smells like a nursing home serving split pea soup. A metallic side note that runs the direction of dried saliva on galvanized steel. A bitter, sharp liquid on the tongue with a rather nice rustic fruit popping through but that metallic rises again in the finish and renders this wine worthless. 12-0! Wow, I mean considering that number I might rethink this. No, no I won’t. The color tells the whole story.

2015 TRAMBUSTI ‘Le Merlaie’ IGT Toscana Italy 12.0

PIN FRANC Okay I’m stopping here because this smells like real wine. Big pea gravel metallic saliva nose pepper on all sides with beautiful black cherry fruit modest and sultry. In the mouth fruit hits first immediately followed by incredible mineral and greenbrier fighting off all attempts by the fruit deep into the crazily tannic finish. A little smoke and oil glances off the tongue alluding to things not yet visible. See now this should be a fine poor man’s celler entrant. It would be fun to buy a case of this and drink a couple of year. It has fine Bordeaux potential.

2015 CH du PIN-FRANC 60/40 ME/cab [Vin] Bordeaux France 13-0


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