Received my recent offering email from Cain the other day and decided to visit one of these babies. God I love these wines. So gorgeous, THE most incredible complicated spice and fruit blend in the mouth–synonymous with each other–perfectly intertwined and that beautiful little trademark funk that tells me this house–just like Corison, Togni and Dunn–doesn’t care if popular opinion sways to *clean fruit-forward* wines: They are continuing to make the wine they feel correct despite what the monstrous homogenies of Napa Valley and Paso Robles–and their pundits–decree. The life of the impressive fruit–powerful and concentrated–is cut short by soul-rending tannins, clear and perfect with echoing peals of mineral. You immediately return to the bottle for another pour. You. Just. Can’t. Stop tasting this wine. It envelopes you. And this is just the cheap 2nd label!

2012 CAIN VINEYARDS Cain Cuvee ‘NV12’ 50/32/10/4/4 ME/cab/CF/PV/bec Napa Valley 13.4

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