Ruth Crisp

From the negociant pan Into the FIRE tonight boys and girls and pulled my second Diam tonight and my second wine this month which had so much bottle funk I deemed it completely corked on initial. The last one was an 05 though so a bit more of a pass. This one just flat-out reeked to high heaven but it blew off, it totally blew off. Another light ruby, totally transparent, bottle-funk settled down into vegetal stem, way more fruit on this one, the eucalyptus actually enjoyable this time in its maraschino minty freshness and decadent moist peat. A little chemical bitter comes in dark and heavy in the nose and in the mouth, a Sweet-Tart Luxardo sandpaper patinas the throat alongside some still-fresh dog-poop lingering in the nose. 52% merlot and 14-9! and NOT a horrible wine. It’s not a great one either, but it’s not horrible. SOMEBODY reading this HAS this wine. I want to know if you have the initial overt bottle funk.

2015 KIRKLAND Meritage 52/40/3/3/2 ME/cab/PV/CF/bec Rutherford Napa Valley 14.9

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