Lovely Lovely Lovely

Them: “Can we have green curry?”
Me: “Hold my beer.”

Nothing makes visions of sugarplums dance in my head quite like heading down the cellar stairs with Thai food on the mind. I could do this blindfolded, son!

While the 2 gewurtz’s opened up in the glass, the creamy natty round goodness that is Lily’s chard flowed hard with a long discussion of all things pet-nat (small eye-roll).

The Bodkin and Navarro are such polar creatures, never ANY confusion over them over several hours. The Anderson Valley comes on all smooth and round and almost sweet with all that plump oily fruit, before green-briar bite takes hold in the finish. The RRV attacks spicy and lean–considerably less petrol–and clean beautiful fruit carries the whole thing forever and ever. I’ll take gewurztraminer any day over riesling. It’s just SO much more interesting. (flame war)

2016 DONKEY & GOAT “Lily’s” Sparkling Chardonnay *pet-nat* Anderson Valley Mendocino 11.2
2015 BODKIN WINE Gewurztraminer Russian River Valley Sonoma 13.1
2015 NAVARRO VINEYARDS Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley Mendocino 13.2

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