Fields of Gold

This is a beautiful wine. I took this to a party a while back and it was kinda blind, as one of the bottles in my package arrived sans label. There were two other whites in identical packaging, but was pretty easy to do the math on what one was naked. I took it to a large industry party and obviously without a label, no one has any pre-conceived opinions. I really like Grenache Blanc, and as soon as I popped that one I–and most of the people at the party–knew I was into something a little better than “really like”. So I couldn’t wait to get one here one-on-one with my keyboard. Fresh apple and straw in the nose, creamy and complex with an edgy dull weight borderlining on raspberry. Tiny little tobacco oak breath that turns brilliantly tropical. In the mouth, pomplamoose and soda, butter and lemon curd, sharp acid and a little cellar-wood bite. So ridiculously clean and bright and the tiny tannic heat at the end reminds you it is a real wine. The amount of complexity this guy is able to ram into such an unassuming little white like Grenache Blanc is amazing. Remind me when I do my top wines of 2018 because this thing is going to be on the list.

2017 FIELDS FAMILY WINERY Grenache Blanc Lodi California 13.0

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