Whooo Whooo

A hazy ruby which swirls blue and garnet together at its purple edges. Big earthy nose, rumblings of thunder-storm and wet leather and Tootsie Roll decadence in a package thin and lively. Briar does a see-saw situation with fruit forward-ness back and forth in the nose while creamy dried-saliva funk maintains a thikkk bottom end.

I heard a really good show on Zinfandel on the radio today and it kinda got me all riled up for Zin so I went down to the cellar and grabbed this. Make sense? I mean–maybe in a Kevin Bacon sorta separation way, I mean you can TOTALLY see the processes involved in this,right? If you don’t own a cellar you won’t. If you don’t own a cellar you shouldn’t be following me, but if you own a cellar you’ll totally get how something like this can happen.

I’m not going to get all bogged down in storytime–this isn’t Wine 101–but I think this is one of the oldest vineyards Turley has in Paso Robles. Pretty sure this is the old Pesenti Vineyard right next to the winery which was planted–head-trained, dry-farmed–to Grenache and Carignane in the 1920’s. I do not think it is a field blend. Not sure if it is coferment. Who cares–it’s good. And historically fascinating.

In the mouth, dark burnt distinct brilliance on entry, toying with and old-vine shrivel, but with a spritz and chalky dryness which grows into a peppery burn on finish. The first half is round and full–but never slutty–while the last half turns ripe plum sideways and extracts a jolt of electricity.

2016 TURLEY WINE CELLARS ‘Tecolote’ Grenache/Carignane 60/40 Paso Robles 15.4


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