Okay so one of those awesome *turning point* stories. I know I sell wine: store owners tell me customers come in with printouts of my blog and I can see the clicks on winery sites in the mechanics of my blog. But rarely do I get the opportunity to see the beauty of something show up in a person’s eyes: face-to-face. This is a client of mine. The moving vans had literally just pulled away, everything is in chaos and these are people who drink a lot of wine–fairly serious wine, have a big cellar, belong to clubs, and they drink a fair amount of Chardonnay. They can rattle off the names of all their favorite chardonnays and none of them are what I would call supermarket darlings–they’re all pretty interesting chards.

I walk in and they’ve just collapsed on the couch with a glass of something and I had JUST gone shopping and had pulled these out of the cooler maybe 45 minutes before so JUST getting to the perfect temp and said, “Hey you want to try the best Chardonnay made in California?” And they both kind of look at me weird and then they say yes of course! and I pop this thing knowing full well they would probably appreciate Golden Slope better and they both sniff it and their eyes kinda widen and then they just freeze mid-sip and are like: We’ve never seen this label before in our lives I’ve never even heard of this! and were just blown away by it and he’s going out to look for a case of it tomorrow.

I used to love saying, “These people only make one wine and only two versions of it.” but I know that has changed a bit as they have branched out to Rosé and Pinot. But they will forever be *White Hill* and *Golden Slope* to me. Easily one of the BENCHMARKS of the variety in California.

2015 LIQUID FARM Chardonnay ‘White Hill’ Santa Rita Hills Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 13.0


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