Old Man and the Sea

Dark staining ruby–just shy of impenetrable–already throwing considerable sediment. A tiny initial strong funk blows off almost instantly, morphing to dark fat-tire burn and thick barbecue sauce oozing off fat raw beef. Nasal-clearing steely peat uses a bit of heat to propel it along, and seaside attractions almost obscure the splinters of preserved boardwalk timbers.

Decanted vigorously. I’m kinda surprised this is 100% cab. I’m used to “Proprietary Red Wine” meaning two things: “fat chunk of Syrah” and “great deal”, but always love it when they stick to the BDX varieties. Still, this is a thick monster, bursting with dense flavors and ridiculous concentration. I seem to recall this producer being all hillside and estate, so figure that in.

In the mouth, a thick glycerinic entry tricks you for a second before layers and layers of mint, red bell pepper and the long hard shaft of tannin. Achingly bitter moments are kissed short by sweet density border-lining on dessert. NOT a slutty 2013–not a slutty wine at all. Sure, it’s big, but it has a thin clarity–a vibrancy of fruit and nuance–this reviewer does not consider lascivious.

This is a STUPIDLY good value for a Melka Cab from estate fruit in the Napa Valley. And there’s only, like, 1500 cases so don’t be shy or forever regret it. You’re going to want this wine in about 10 years.

2013 SEAVEY VINEYARD ‘Caravina’ Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5


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