A Little Jiggy

Rich garnet with a wide clear edge hiding a touch of brick. Funky earth, not shy with the baby diaper and horse-stall, but throughout a clean pasture drives springtime freshness into autumn spice.

I’ve had several of these Poggios, and the Sangiovese in them always surprises me. By surprise, I mean: most of the time I can pick out sang-heavy super-tuscans in a crowd pretty easy. I remember the 100% Sangio Poggio really surprising me it was a straight variety. This one feels like it has a bit of something else in it, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it were straight up sang.

In the mouth, thin brilliance. This is a playful version of Sangiovese, light as a jester, but probably driving deep political innuendo into the entertainment. Clean and beautiful on the tongue, grimy artifacts of the old world immediately approaching the sides of the palate but never bogging things down in brett. Bright and acidic, structure alive and kicking early on, I can’t imagine this thing being over 13-5. A warm buttery tropical comes through the nose late while sipping, further compounding the blend. OK, I must check the label.

Almost all Sangiovese with a touch of Teroldego. Well, THAT kinda explains it, although I would never fancy myself able to spot Teroldego blind. This is such a fun wine. Actually all the wines are fun–I have had such a great time with these wines–truly a modern vision in Italy. This is their early-drinking, fresh table vin rouge. It would be immense fun to pour this alongside some cru beaujolais, mencia or Sicilian stuff. I think it would fit in well.

2014 POGGIO LA NOCE ‘Gigetto’ Sangiovese/Teroldego Toscano Italy 13.5


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