Domaine Bosom

Light crystalline gold. Big grassy nose, rife with mineral and acid. Dry straw and petrol honey, squished bug, vibrant green bell pepper and the delirious sweet nectar funk that comes with neutral oak aging.

I’m at about 55 degrees on this thing and the nose becomes more and more elegant as it warms up. Stop drinking your whites so cold, people. I’ll never stop lecturing about this. If you are drinking your chards out of the fridge you are a moron. This grape is so expressive just barely below cellar temp. Please don’t kill it.

In the mouth, huge rich buttery floral, green stem–sap and all–unctuous and alive, firing on all sides with incredible pie spice and a Gewurtz-ish sort of fruit. Dusty petals cause an in-flagrante sort of sweaty juxtaposition to the bright fruit and elevating everything to velvety cat’s-tongue. Oil-slick tannins rasp everything up into a finish that throbs the tongue for hours.

2015 DOMAINE BESSON Chardonnay ‘Montmains’ 1er Cru Chablis France 12.5

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