Dimebag Canyon

I bought a bunch of these on deep discount when the winery folded and desperately need to drink them. I don’t think anyone back then intended them to last a decade, but they’re doing great. Hot and grimy–I wonder how much Syrah is in these?–its dark concentration showing considerable brick. Tertiary runs fried banana, butter and garlic on a dusty rose base, with a little vermouth-rouge playing on the spice-drum. Particularly complex at this point, dry ache glorifying all remainders of fruit in an oily maraschino rub-down, fingers of briar and tannin working carefully into the soft crevices. This label has been sold and revitalization has been attempted, with several un-inspired old-bottlings and flabby new mediocrities being played about on various markets, driven by the most vapid of influencers. This is the real Westerly, and anything after about 2012: ‘caveat emptor’.

2009 WESTERLY ‘Panterra’ Proprietary Red Blend Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara Co. 14.5


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