Punk Is Dead

Light, transparent, milky garnet with wide clear edges. Effusive fresh plummy strawberry nose with a latex glove lurking for that brilliant earthy-bitter note compromising the plumpness of the fruit à la Beaujolais. Stinky stemmy messes with the lollipop to create baby-wine magic in the funky produce section.

I don’t know what’s in this–and I believe the label is merely “California”. Valdiguie? Carbonic Grenache? Could it be CF?!? I put a tiny chill on it–STAY CALM: we’re talking a tiny eensy weensie chill, not an ice bucket or freezer or anything–just down into the upper 50’s. It felt a little flabby and viscous around 65, and the texture and fruit and overall *feel* of the wine just begged for it.

This is such a fun brand. Couple of kids in Napa, not much training, getting fruit from great sites from the Sierra Foothills to Santa Cruz, Clarksburg to Carneros and adhering to a completely minimalist approach. Pretty sure it’s all native ferments, neutral oak, and SO2 is way down in sub-50ppm territory.

In the mouth, peach-nectar and guava-goo along a sweet Red Vines rope so pure and clean and writhing with acid and bite. It cuts deep, this one: that briary sap in the nose does NOT mess around on your tongue. It’s a fun wine–a VERY fun wine. It’s not green. don’t get the idea it is thin, light and green from the method and description. It is ripe and fully fruited and I am guessing it at 13-8. A good finish of watermelon-infused praline transports everything away, leaving only a gritty fruit-leather.

2017 DEUX PUNX ‘No comply’ Red Wine Pinot Noir Pinot Gris California 14.0


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