Alder Everything

Light ruby, beautiful pink edges, fully transparent–bright and beautiful with just the slightest ruddiness. Big fresh nose, cream puffs and water splashing down over rocks, ferns growing up around the base getting peppered with the icy water. A sharp cranberry arises late swirl headed into a perfect cherry Starburst and a shot of alcohol balanced against the definite touch of oak.

A dangerous woman your friends warn you about, she is older and too sexy for you and smokes and drinks and stays out late and swears and wears hot clothes and worships the sun and puts lipstick on in your sunglasses after destroying your face and you’re scared for her to meet your parents but they love her because she’s the sweetest, kindest thing and she winks at you from across the room while your mother talks about baking bread.

In the mouth, an instance of clarity before grippy briar piles on, immediately driving that perfect cherry Starburst into a memory you somewhat have to search for on the tongue. Oh this is a bruiser but in the most angelic way. It is full and rich but it is also miserably tannic and the two are nearly impossible to separate on the palate: they work seamlessly together with the tannin winning the upper edge–which if you know me, gives us the extra point.

2016 THE GRENACHISTA Grenache Noir Alder Springs Mendocino Co. 13.8

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