Killing me Gently

Clear medium ruby with a hint of garnet in the edge. A steady stream of black pepper and dark charred meat glazed with the ripest of fruit in a syrupy reduction wafts off it. Wet wooden boat and canvas sails in a saline breeze spiked with coastal eucalyptus on the sandy headlands. Late air brings gobs of peat and black mud clinging to wet grass with roots running deep.

This thing’s young, there’s no doubt about that. But it has been crafted in such a way it is really quite ready to drink now, gorgeous patina and bouquet and the longer it stays in the glass and mouth, the more nuances come out of it. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not the most complex wine on the planet, but I have tasted a LOT of Paso cabs in this price range–and FAR above–and this new kid on the block is just flat out KILLIN it. This needs to be at Cab Collective. I’m sure it would be if it were not so limited. It just officially released this week and will sell out the small number of wooden 3-packs quite shortly.

In the mouth instantaneous fresh berry: bright and not overripe. Ocean-spray fruit which doesn’t run chocolate or tar or licorice the way a lot of blingy cabs do over the middle–it’s stays calm and tight, acid growing and working along the edges of the tongue to integrate the oak and spice. Manageable tannin works with the mineral match head and everywhere that bright fruit far far into the finish.

This isn’t a big huge stupid-rich Paso jam & alcohol bomb. This thing *feels* literally UNDER 14-oh, which I know is an absolute impossibility for the area, but it’s balanced and bright, not insulting to your senses, rather massaging its understatements into your palate.

2016 DUSTY NABOR Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles 13.6

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