Bench Test

Zesty pepperming and wet bark drive a stiff tertiary bargain against rotund compost-heap barnyard but alongside a glassine but fairly bodacious ripe fruit which becomes apparent–in the mouth–to be at absolute PEAK. A bit of alcohol chimes in late-breathe and again mid-finish. Dark cherry and cinnamon play good-cop until still-green tannins kick in. A calculatedly not-unpleasant wine, just don’t try to read too much into it and I would highly suggest–if it is available to you–not buying a ton to age. Check one out, and enjoy for what it is RIGHT NOW.

2009 ARBOR BENCH ‘Reflections’ ME/Cab/Bec 51/30/19 Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County California 14.5

One thought on “Bench Test

  1. Accurate summary. I thought this was the best at our Gross Out blind wine tasting and picked up a few more. I thought it might last awhile, not that I plan to lay any down. I also thought the CdP was serviceable and you detested it, but I grade French wines on a curve, perhaps clouding my judgement. I will see when I open one of the few I bought. (btw, i enjoyed the chemistry set bit)


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