Medium garnet out to seriously ambering edges. Flabby, warm-animal stew sprinkled with multi-vitamin and musty bedding. Bruised briar and toddy alcohol blanket the pruny fruit in ways that immediately have you assuming Grenache, but not from Mendocino.

In the mouth, anything pleasant lasts about 4 milli-seconds before all HELL breaks loose on your tongue and throat–an obliterating Sherman tank of over-weight crystalline shrill-and-obfuscating unpleasantness. Your entire 8th-grade chemistry set spills on your face, acid etching all to deep scars and I suppose there might be some tannin in there too–who knows, who cares.

A ridiculously awkward and unbalanced wine, unpleasant to smell and life-threatening to drink.

2016 HALCÓN VINEYARDS ‘Esquisto’ GR/MV/SY 70/20/10 Yorkville Highlands Mendocino County California 14.2

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