Baja Norte

Bright clear goldenrod. Innertube and wet bark try to smother shrill twiggy minerality and dry suede. Coriander salted butter on a galvanized plate. In the mouth, a most unusual white… Sancerre-ish maybe? But with acid SO RIDICULOUS it nearly capsizes the bright, smooth entry, but is kept in check by yellow-pages and cutting-board savory depth and tomato-seed vegetal. It fades off thin and clean–fresh-scrubbed and apricot, pineapple and rose-hips–everything in tiny doses piled upon each other in a subtle stew of pure charisma.

I don’t know what Baja means in Italian, but this stupidly good little white is my official new oyster wine. It makes muscadet look like chardonnay. You can’t even believe how crisp it is. I think it freeze-dried my teeth.

2015 #POGGIO LA NOCE Falanghina Campi Flegrei DOC Italy 13.0

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